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So I was recently introduced to this group called seventeen. They are growing on me. They remind me of a younger EXO. However, I'm doing my research on them before I go in head first with them. Here are some photos of them. Sorry I was not able to get photos of each member. Hansol so far is my favorite out the group. Who is your bias?
Hansol is my favorite too! I was waiting for their debut (which took a while) he's the same age as me and well I thought wow that's cool. Haha. Yeah. He became my favorite~
@amobigbang Have you seen their switching roles music video? >>
From what I know, I'm really loving Vernon, Hoshi, and Woozi!
nope @kpopandkimchi. but I will thanks for the link
@kpooandkimchi I like Vernon too. All I dive into liking the group more I will most likely add more memebers to my list.