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Welcome to the second part of do-it-yourself wine tasting. This is something you can do in your home, host a party, or simply use to be equipped the next time you stumble upon a wine tasting. If you missed the first part, click here for Part 1: Seeing and Smelling.
Taste the wine. Go on, swirl it around. You want your taste buds to be engulfed in the wine.
So what are you looking for? Firstly, do you like it? Is the wine heavy or light? What other sensations are you getting?
If you're driving, then you need to use the spittoon, which is the discard vessel that ever wine tasting room has. Most people just swallow. Pros always spit.
Aspirate through the wine. This is getting the flavor to your nose. Purse your lips and breathe in through your mouth, exhaling through your nose. It's the only way!
Sorta slurp the wine. Pretend this is a cup of HOT COFFEE! You know that gentle quiet slurp? Yeah, do that with wine. Keep it civilized, but don't get worried about the barbaric practice as this is what you're supposed to do.
You've seen. You've smelled. You've tasted. Now what? You want to note the after tastes. What's lingering? What comes to your attention?
When it's all said and done, the only thing that matters is what YOU THNK of the wine. Ultimately, you either like it or you don't. I don't get caught up with stars or ratings. I only ask two questions:
Is it drinkable?
Would I buy it?
If it's a yes to both, don't leave the vitner without buying a bottle. If it's of exceptional taste and value, stock up for a discount!
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