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What better way to spend a Friday than put together K-pop gifs, right?
I was challenged by @SashaLove to do this. If any of you would like to make your own, make sure to tag @SashaLove! ^_^
So here we go! Here are just a FEW of my favorite K-pop gifs!

Kai being extremely possessive.

Taeyang chilling with an elephant.

Chanyeol getting shy.

BTS...being BTS. J-Hope <3

BTS using puns...everything about this gif is great!

Only IKON fans will understand this one!

Idols fangirl too!

Zico understands my life...LOL.

When one bias rejects another bias...poor Chanyeol!

It's NOT Suga! But Woozi is just as adorable!

Tablo getting a shoe thrown at him...by YG. HAHAHA

Kyungil being a strict leader.

Jaejoong and his adorable laugh.

Chanyeol being ridiculously cute!

Biggest derp in K-pop...Jackson, everyone!

Honestly, how can they be so cute???

TOP showing off his flirty side in movies.

TODAE on point!

My favorite group in the whole entire world! <3 <3 <3

I needed that Tablo GIF in my life! (´ヮ`)
I like how Tablo sees the shoe coming at him, yet he just stares instead of catching It. Lol
@poojas Hehe no probs Thank for doing the challenge
@sherrysahar Thank you! You are awesomer!!! @montha91 Hahaha I know. He's hilarious. @RochelleDiamond Hahaha, I tried my best ^^ @justmeplz1998 Because YG thought he wasn't doing practice well hahaha
X'D you're good these gifs are hilarious
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