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please dont judge me Dx *nervous laughter* hahah

First stop my lock screen

yeah...this is my tactic. if people look at my phone i usually get a reaction and then i notice and ill be like put down my darnnnn phone. the second picture was mine before scared the shit out of people lol

Next step home screen

isnt this beautifulll :) (sad its a bit whitewashed though!) within my homescreen i have my international folder with things that help with learning korean and with a slide of a finger i have different clocks so i am on top of worldly things (such as comebacks) and viki at a touch of the screen :)

Next stop my kakao talk

yay a unwhitewashed picture of sweaty intense leo and my jackson spam to @inumi. and my many korean friends' contacts hahah

Next stop google and youtube. dun dun dun

well on my new tab thing i have the Wikipedia that helps alot for looking over the year, my wontaek fanfiction (dont judge Dx heres the link: and of course google translate to assit if i ammm ubber confused (which it doesnt always help...) gawd my search history is embarassing lol and my youtube history...shinee on snl korea killed me it was sooo funny.. the eungyo one hahahahaha. also my crack video addiction...

next step my ashamed.

i dont use my spotify because they dont have some of my fav kpop bands on it but i do have a play list!

next stop my music

i have roughly 220 ish songs and this is my kpop songs out of that 220. i have everything from stress come on by big byung to mirotic by tvxq to epik high songs lol

next crazy stop my gallery

so these are about half of my pictures. the other half is nerdy things like doctor who supernatural....and alot of tom hiddleston.... my friends who are non-kpoppers hate when i join a reaction gif/picture war because all mine are basically kpop/kdrama people. i have a crap ton of got7 right now because im helping @inumi learn em :) please enjoy the weird eternity and error screenshots i have hahahah


please ignore the kyungsoo, taoris, wontaek, markson, and xuihan in my gallery........

lastly im going to go deeper into my gallery and show my abundance of kpop drawing and stuff ive done

@xojuliettexox on my s4 i long pressed the screen and a menu pops up. go to the widgets thing and find dual clock and drag it onto your screen and then u add the time zones
@AgentLeo Whoooa~ looks just like him on Bad Boy Era, right?
@ReddViolet message me and we can talk
@ReddViolet Sure! i dont know how long it will take. depends on what you want and my work schedule :)
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