2 years ago
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Which GD Big Bang ship is your fav?
Gri is my favorite I think!
I know there's probably a lot of people who like Gtop :) my second fav
Gdae is pretty cute though too!!
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@jessicacruz1480 that's my favorite Big Bang ship. But my card was reported and taken off Kpop.
2 years ago·Reply
@AmandaHume that sucks but Todae is my favorite
2 years ago·Reply
I cant choose there all so adorable together
2 years ago·Reply
Nyongsung ♡♡♡ which is gdae in korean ship terms
2 years ago·Reply
I think Todae is mine. Just I haven't looked into much of the ships yet but Todae and Gri are really cute.
2 years ago·Reply