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TRBinNYC was great. Everyone fangirled, and fanboyed
...and of course, Jimins shirt lifting was intense as well as the unexpected fake kiss scene during Blanket Kick but the best was of course: How good looking everyone was (IS).
Credits to everyone and whoever took photos. Thank you so much since my photos came out incredibly blurry, but hey...let's just enjoy how amazing their presence is. Sarangheyo
Thanx. Im happy too. Im more happy that BTS was able to joke around and butt slap. That was definitely best part. Cant wait for them to come back. They already announced another US tour in septmeber. Check it out. Maybe ull find a place near u
Dx i wish i could go to on of the trb concerts...im 6 hours away from one but nooo one will go with me cuz i dont have any irl kpop friends
@ReddViolet yeah and apparently they r having more tourdates :)
I'm going to the Atlanta one.
@ReddViolet Dx yourrrr going
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