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TRBinNYC was great. Everyone fangirled, and fanboyed
...and of course, Jimins shirt lifting was intense as well as the unexpected fake kiss scene during Blanket Kick but the best was of course: How good looking everyone was (IS).
Credits to everyone and whoever took photos. Thank you so much since my photos came out incredibly blurry, but hey...let's just enjoy how amazing their presence is. Sarangheyo
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@ReddViolet which one are you going to
2 years ago·Reply
@AgentLeo Aw. Sadness. Ya know I heard a rumor they're gonna start selling shirts again in a couple of weeks.
2 years ago·Reply
I'm going to the Atlanta one.
2 years ago·Reply
@ReddViolet yeah and apparently they r having more tourdates :)
2 years ago·Reply
@AgentLeo That's a new one! When did that rumor start circulating? Owo
2 years ago·Reply