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have you ever watched kdramas in the bathroom? or anything in that matter i will be honest i have. first of all i did because the drama was reeaaallly intense and stuff and i had to pee reall bad so i took my phone with me and then you just sit there and lose track of time. and you laugh or cry at it. and then a commercial comes around or the end of the drama and you exit the restroom...and then weird looks ...because who laughs or crys while in the bathroom... that is the storry of the time in which a bathrrom break shouldve taken 30 seconds turned into 30minutes.....

Im going to regret posting this...

I take my phone to the bathroom every time I need to go but I end up just sitting on the toilet seat scrolling through my phone until I am yelled at lol.
I have done this...more than once. My brain wants to marathon an entire drama in one sitting, but that doesn't mean my bladder can keep up XD (//\\)
not seen anything wrong with it, I think I could do the same if I had to.
you are totally not the only one out, there is so many people out there that have done so including me XD
@SashaLove you are the first brave soul haha
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