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If you've enjoyed reading and learning about wine tasting through parts 1 and 2 of this three-part series, then you are going to love this third part. It's purely extra credit because once you have the first to parts down, you can geek out on stemware and other things that will make you look and sound chic in the company of fools.
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Wine tasting is one thing. But what about serving the wine? Are all glasses the same? HECK NO! But don't worry, easy rule of thumb is to go with large glasses for reds and smaller for whites. Take a look at this infographic for a bit more details on wine and glass pairing.
Get to know some of your flavor profiles of common wines:
Cabernet - black currant, cherry, black fruits, green spices.
Merlot - plum, red and black fruits, green spices, floral.
Zinfandel - black fruits (often jam-like) and black spices - often called "briary."
Syrah (or Shiraz) - black fruits, black spices - especially white and black pepper.
Pinot Noir - red fruits, floral, herbs.
Chardonnay - tropical fruit, citrus, melon.
Sauvignon Blanc - Grapefruit, white gooseberry, lime, melon.
Now that you've been entrenched in the basics of wine tasting, you'll want to impress your friends and family this summer and through the seasonal holidays. And while your know-nothing friends and family smart off with "reds with meats and whites with fish" commentary, you can school them with the nuances of how cured and smoked meats pair best with sweet white wines like Riesling and bold red wines like Zinfandel. Or how cake desserts are best suited with either Port or Moscato.
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