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Meet 'Roulette' Doritos - a limited edition Dorito flavor that takes its name from everyone's favorite party game, Russian Roulette.
Why? Because most of the chips in the bag are your standard Nacho Cheese flavor, but one out of six chips are RIDICULOUSLY HOT.
So much so that a school, The George Pindar School in Scarborough, UK, went so far as to ban them from campus after one student experienced a nearly fatal asthma attack triggered by the chips. The administration issued this warning to parents:

"Parents and carers, please be aware that the new Doritos Roulette crisps are not recommended for children. The crisps contain extra hot chips and it has come to our attention that they can cause severe distress, particularly to those with sensitivities, allergies or breathing problems."

A description of the new product on the Doritos website adds that "one chip in every handful is so spicy that it may bring you to tears".
Regardless, these new bags have turned into something of a viral sensation, as more and more videos are being uploaded to YouTube of people in the UK and North America using them for a Russian Roulette-style game.
Personally, as much as I hate spicy things, I'm a little intrigued. I mean, how spicy IS spicy, especially when it comes to such a widely accessible product as Doritos?
@montha91 That's kind of why I like it. I always have allergies, and that's the only thing that'll clear them up lol
@danidee no I just ate it.
I've tried it. It's not that spicey.
Just tell me where I can get this! @nikkinjg that's why I wasn't it too. It's thrilling!
I have to try this now!
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