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For this picture I decided to comment on both, her hair color and her makeup. I love how she used the green shadow to match her hair color. . I know this color is not everyone's first choice, but I'd say natural hair color is overrated ; ) It hit the spot since my favorite color is green also.. not everyone uses lip liner but this one looks extremely good. personally I like natural looking makeup. . I prefer maybe a lip balm, but strangely Im digging this. The way she mixed different color for her eye makeup is unexpected... I would think that using this color would make it look exaggerated, but It looks great! what do you guys think? Don't forget to like, clip, and comment on this card!
@HairConfetti you are right.. it does match. I hadn't notice that. Good eye! yeah haha the color is definitely not what everyone would go for.. but I think it looks great on her C:
I'm not sure if it was intentionally but I notice her button ring also matches her hair. I love her overall style - hair, makeup and nails. I don't dig the color too much thought. It's too dull. Maybe it might look better IRL.