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Okay, so I know that I am NOT the only wine drinking person out there that gets (or used to get) flummoxed with dastard contraptions like the corkscrew. You know what I'm talking about: you're out with your friends or with relatives and someone hands you a corkscrew asking YOU to open up the bottle of wine. All of a sudden, you just went from super cool to super broke. And it happened just like that!
Avoid them troubles by learning ONCE AND FOR ALL how to use the damned corkscrew so that you don't look like a fool!
Think of a corkscrew like a person. The handles are arms and the twist handle is the head.
1. Prick corkscrew into wine cork with HANDS ALL THE WAY DOWN.
2. DON'T touch the arms. Hold onto bottle with one hand and turn screw with the other.
NOTICE how the arms are moving up.
3. Make them move all the way up until they are in the cheering touchdown position.
4. GRAB each arm handle and firmly press down.
The cork should either be completely out of the bottle or right at the tip, which you just need to shimmee the cork a smidge till it pops off.
Now that you've harnessed the power of uncorking a wine bottle cork, brush up on your wine tasting skills with these cards here.