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When it comes to living the bachelor life, 'that's a wrap' for San Francisco-based writer David Sikorski, who recently took this oddly romantic engagement photoshoot with a gracefully foil-wrapped burrito earlier this week.
Tired of seeing all of the cheesy engagement photos on his Facebook feed, he approached a friend - professional photographer Kristina Bakrevski - to help him create a special shoot with his 'own true love': this burrito.
In an interview with Buzzfeed, Sikorski explains:

“With so many domesticated photos of staged afternoon picnics in the park or holding hands running along the beach, I figured people would be interested in sharing the happiness of my own current love life situation as well."

Bakrevski worked to recreate the different stereotypical shots used by engaged couples in and around the city - and sometimes the burrito got to wear some pretty fresh flowers.
Personally, I wish the happy couple the best of luck.
(Just be careful about that whole indigestion thing. The honeymoon period for the average bean and cheese is unfortunately a little too short.)
yeah, absolutely.
I always love a good laugh in the Weddings Community! hahaha This guy is clever! @danidee
@marshalledgar I'm glad you liked it! I figured a little engagement shoot humor would be fun. ;)