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Have you heard of Starlights, VIXX's awesome fanduuuuuum?! Well, get to know us BELOW~

We freak the HELL out when our maknae Hyukkie turns into Hyuk-MAN.

We think Taekwoon is secretly a kitten.

We know that Ravi is the ultimate bro of K-pop, and we love it.

We go a little crazy over Hakyeon's neck.

We know VIXX girls are the best girl group on the scene right now, don't even try to tell us otherwise.

Hongbin is secretly the devil, and he can smell fear. He WILL wreck your bias list.

We die a little inside when a new VIXXTV is released.

We don't talk about this.

Beans are not just beans.

Chopper is not just from One Piece.

Banana milk isn't just a tasty beverage.

Neither are lattes.


We learned how to dance 'I GOT A BOY' from VIXX, not SNSD.

We're a pretty nice fandom, with little to NO fan-wars.

plus VIXX is preeeetty groovy.

So....JOIN US!?

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Thank you Thank you Thank you~~~ My bias is Leo !
2 years ago·Reply
Yayy!! {girly scream inside} LOL Thanks i would love to join @kpopandkimchi
2 years ago·Reply
my bias is leo but hyukie has been sneaking in there. But leo was my first love ever in kpop.
2 years ago·Reply
my bias is Leo but Ravi is a close second
2 years ago·Reply
I wanna get into this madness too!
2 years ago·Reply