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Can you guess this Kpop Song?
@AgentLeo give it a go! This may be a little tricky im not sure whats main stream and what isnt in the kpop world sometimes xD Lets see if you guys can figure it out MWAHAHAHA!!!
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hmmmmm to earn this hint you must sacrifice one of your bias MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
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Lol jk @Jazzypie another hint would be that the lead singer just recently did a drama where he was very unlucky called My Un---------- Boy------------
2 years ago·Reply
lol ugh i cant... i might not follow him
2 years ago·Reply
would you want me to tell you I can message you the answer
2 years ago·Reply
@najalong1998 @JazzyPie i have no idea either
2 years ago·Reply