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Bangtan Behind The Show
J-hope in pain = Group laughter
Being handsome and the importance of Bangtan to Jin are lies. The members find his pain gratifying
All smiles.
Where is this from? (I'm stupid so I'm sorry if it's an obvious or right there answer :c)
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@aliciasalinas It's Behind The Show. I dont remember which channel is was on but just search BTS Behind The Show on YouTube and it should come up. And you aren't stupid hun. Honestly, my titles are sometimes really ridiculous so asking on ANY of my cards where I found them is totally acceptable. I'll be playing the pause game on a few of their other videos as well so stay tuned!
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Thanks! :)
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@aliciasalinas Welcome! If you have any videos you'd like to see The Pause Button game played on, please do tell me!
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