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Got7 is promoting their new album and it is addicting!

The song is first just so cute and uplifting. The boys are telling you not to worry about the flaws you think you have, you're beautiful just as you are ^^
The Dance so fun and cute, plus parts of it are pretty easy for us non-dancers AKA me >.<


Jackson ruing my life

Watch it here and fall in love!

Dance Ver. ~Plus CUTE Dance Ver.

Learn parts of the dance here! or Just watch them be adorable!

Are you an IGot7 now? Who is your Got7 bias?
I love Mark!
Everything!! Their perfect
jackson is definitely my bias ♡
jackson now you no better then that to do that you got a girl here got now come on how supposed to sleep at night with you doing that really
@DeniseiaGardner Jackson is a life ruiner XD