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This is a recent commercial by Samsung. Quite fun concept where they offered singles (솔로 in Korean) a free 짜장면 (black bean sauce noodle). It was made based on a kind of 몰래 카메라 (prank video) concept.
Before explaining vocab, let me give you some background about 짜장면. It's good to know this food to understand Korean culture. 짜장면 is sold in Koreanized Chinese restaurants (중국집) and it's cheap and tasty. For relatively older generations, 짜장면 may be 추억의 음식 (food that makes you nostalgic), because it is a kind of food that they used to have on special day (like graduation day).
Also, it is still one of the most popular delivery food in Korea as there are many many 중국집 (or we sometimes call it 반점) at every corner and it can be delivered to almost anywhere (even when you are outside on a picnic by the river).
Enough about 짜장면 ^_^! Let's learn some vocab from this commercial!
"For singles who come alone, 짜장면 is free"
Although it's written, let me explain what it means.
- 혼자: alone
- 오는: original form of verb is 오다(come) and by replacing '다' with '는', it makes the word modifies the following noun '솔로들' (singles).
- 솔로들: singles
- ~에게: to
짜장면: black bean noodle. (About this food, please see the above)
공짜: free
Let's learn more about 공짜!
1) 공짜 좋아하면 대머리된다. If you like free things too much, it is said that you will become bold. (This is one of the things people often say as a joke)
2) 이 햄버거를 사면 콜라가 공짜래. They say the coke comes free if you buy this hamburger.
3) 이 책을 공짜로 너한테 받았으니 내가 점심을 살께. Since you gave this book to me for free, let me buy you lunch.
Remember that 공짜 is quite spoken word and less official than 무료.
1) 커피를 사시면 스콘을 무료로 드립니다. If you buy coffee, you'll get a scone for free.
2) 어제 센트럴파크에서 열리는 무료 공연에 갔다. I went to a free concert in Central Park.
For more vocab with this commercial explained by a Korean native speaker, please check
And feel free to ask any questions!