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I've only recently discovered EvoL and these girls deserve more recognition this song and the song below are incredibly good! My favourite so far is the one below, ''We are a bit different'' that chorus SLAYS.
Definitely check them out if you haven't already, both these videos only have below 2 million views and they're totally awesome. Their agency is Stardom Entertainment and I read that Stardom generally focused more on TOPP DOGG. I really hope they get a comeback! I am OBSESSED with these two songs!
I love EvoL so much, my favorite song of theirs is Magnet, which unfortunately doesn't have an MV, but the rapper from EvoL Jucy (I think that's how you spell her name) is competing in SMTM4 I'm not sure wether or not she is still a part of it or not though :/
I love them so muchhhh omg ... they need to make a comeback alreadyyyy ..... @MattK95 she left already from SMTM4 long time ago. there was only 1 girl who made it to the 50 contestants. idk if she is still in there lol ....