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"Kill Me, Heal Me" is honestly the best drama I've ever watched. The main actors are amazing and the plot is very thrilling and delightful. I was so glad to see Ji Sung and Jung Eum back together in yet another drama. I love every part of the drama their acting was priceless I laughed so much maybe more than i should have ...
I melted when he said this I'm not sure if it can be seen but he said " January 7th, 2015 at 10 o'clock . The time i fell for you." OMO like this was so cheesy but i loved it so much that my heart stopped in this part XD
Why does he have to be so hot and wise ? His words of wisdom everyone should listen to them . Even thou this drama is fantasy it has many things that can be applied to real life situations its really deep and makes you think , i dont even know but this drama is out of this world .
OPPA! i love when he was the girl it was really awesome and funny ...XD
Bitch slap thou ...hahaha but seriously i wish that one day a person would say something like this to me XD I'll be like "babe any time, you can have me as long as you want" jijijijijiXD
And this girl was absolutely the greatest sweet heart in this drama XD
Of course their sexy time , they really have the best chemistry , its perfect .
AND this is me dancing to kpop songs in front of my cousin so she can see how cool they are and of course how "cool" i am...
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i agree. best one ive watched. its so goood and he protrays the different personalities so well. and i know the ost auditory hallucinations fully and i dont even speak korean lol