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I seriously cannot believe that I'll be going to TRB Chicago in 7 (SEVEN!!!) days ^_^ I'll also be going to their showcase when they come to Atlanta in September, and all this excitement has gotten me thinking. My family sees me freaking out about BTS all the time, but they have never actually seen anything BTS has done. I want to have a special reaction video where I show them a music video or two, but I have no idea which ones to show them! I need your help! If you wanted to show your family BTS, which MV would you pick?
My Mom loves BTS' Danger! It's her favourite song by them ^^
For you is really cute. Its in japanese if u dont mind. I would show then just one day since its a ballad and then no. Even though its a little older. If u wanna be fun, show then dope. Dope doesnt sound violent. And its very colorful.
Hey see you in Chicago! let's have a blast!!!!
the sam way I introduced big bang...I would play it everytime we would go on youtube with the Xbox. they are slowly knowing a new group called exo
Just One Day, Boy In Luv or maybe For You would be good. its BTS at their cutest
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