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Previous YG now Cube trainee Yang Hong Seok is under fire after his Instagram has been exposing a different side of him. On his girlfriend's Instagram it shows gifts he gave to her. Fans pointed out that the items in the gift were gifts previously given to Hong Seok from fans. His image was the innocent one but instead he is shown cursing a lot and even insulting his Higher Ups! When he attended Sung Si Kyung's he changed his name to 'sungsibalnom0701' - which can be a play on words as 'Sung Si [Kyung] f*cker'. He also called actor Park Bo Gum "f*cking ugly". He then apologize for all his wrong doings however fans still found flaws in his apology. Example, he apologizes saying that the chocolates he gave to his gf were different chocolates because he liked them so much. Fans pointed out that those chocolates were limited addition and the month he gave his girlfriend chocolates was a month after the chocolates box's design would have changed. He then deleted his apology. What do you believe?
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Yeah the apology wasnt convincing at all. I saw a lot of ikon fans relieved to not have such bad influence in their team