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they all tweeted something along the lines of "Thank you New York!" if this doesn't make you feel bad for them man idk this just makes me so sad :-(
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@RochelleDiamond ooh dang yeah tickets were super hard to get! i had to call over 100 times and argue with the guy on the phone to get mine ;; i feel bad for the NY fans, but at the same time a lot of them having been harassing subkulture and big hit telling them to cancel the fan engagements for the rest of the tour because they didn't get to meet them so the other stops shouldn't be able to either and that made me really sad and disappointed too.. :-/
@ephneyt see that's not ok. It gives east coast fans a bad name when they do that so they might not ever come back.
@RochelleDiamond yeah it was making me feel guilty but at the same time i know i shouldn't because i worked really hard for my ticket and spent a big portion of my paycheck on them so i don't think it's fair for some fans to say that to us west coast fans... i agree it isn't fair for them on the east coast, but yeah acting like this towards the concert planning company is gonna make them not want to go back...
I almost cried when i saw Namjoons pics. But V made up for it. His vids were hilarious.
that's y I love them ♥♥♥ I think they will comeback to NY BCS they still cherish their ny fans saranghhae bts ♥♥♥♥