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they all tweeted something along the lines of "Thank you New York!" if this doesn't make you feel bad for them man idk this just makes me so sad :-(
@RochelleDiamond yeah it was making me feel guilty but at the same time i know i shouldn't because i worked really hard for my ticket and spent a big portion of my paycheck on them so i don't think it's fair for some fans to say that to us west coast fans... i agree it isn't fair for them on the east coast, but yeah acting like this towards the concert planning company is gonna make them not want to go back...
@BelencitaGarcia he really is our hope ♡♡
Seeing these make me cry :'( I really wanted to go and meet them *sob*
I almost cried when i saw Namjoons pics. But V made up for it. His vids were hilarious.
@ephneyt see that's not ok. It gives east coast fans a bad name when they do that so they might not ever come back.
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