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I wish all of us can be happy with the fact these HUMANS are making music and touring over seas! So what they said something in a interview that seems disrespectful? It doesn't matter. And I am getting tired of hearing about all these death threats! I dont like it and its making me worried that all thes bands we supposedly love and support are not gonna your over seas again.
I'm also tired of everyone worrying if so and so is doing drugs, or who is dating who. I mean its their personal life. We the fans like having privacy right? So why cant the idols have privacy? To be honest any idol can be doing drugs or be dating any one it wont get in the way of me enjoying thier music.
I am noticing that all these Korean bands are not getting as much privacy and respect as the American bands. And its unfair. With all these death threats and all these articles about someone doing drugs and someone from this band possibly dating this actor or modle. I am seriously wondering why we cant enjoy these bands for their music.
@sarahmoss I got mad when I herd a few girls as school bring up the fact that they still question of GD is still dating Kiko and read the articles on if they are still dating or not. Im like guys what if they just want to date without getting hate. It makes me cry when I see hate comments on a idols girlfriend's social media. Like that is exactly why most idols dont open up about dating
@mehzhucarez I know it ridiculous like what in the world possesses a person to send a death threat like Rapmon didn't even do anything....people who are supposed to support the idols through thick and thin are the ones be the disgrace to the kpop fandom by doing such horrid acts
Totally agree. I don't understand how it is a scandal to date! that's just ridiculous. Every one says something that someone else takes offense to. It's just tube world we live in
@LindaAshlee After I herd that Rapmon for BTS got a death threat I was about to just leave the kpop Fandom and throw my phone. If hear something else along those lines Im done.
Yes I totally is despicable what people are doing...If people are not careful idols may never come back over seas and then it would be almost virtually impossible for fans to see there idols in concert
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