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Yb admitted to dating a beautiful actress Min, Hyorin (girl from his ENL mv) for 2+ years. Gd has been dating a japanese model, Kiko for 4+ years now.
yb tying her shoe lace
gd on a date at his acquaintance'd party.
personally, im happy for yb. she is a beautiful actress and they look very happy together. im glad that he admitted to it when it rose above the surface. on the other hand..... gd... despite constant uploads releavant to kiko on his instagram, has not admitted it. they both claim that they are "just friends". its questioning why Gd has chosen to not admit his relationship with kiko yet publicly show his affection. :/
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I heard rumors that GD and Kiko had already broken up.
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I had a crush on both of them (not the psycho kind) so just like any time where you find out your crush likes someone else or dating someone you'll feel a little hurt, pout for a couple of minutes, then realize 1. Who cares? 2. They still hot even with a GF and most importantly 3. They would've never noticed me anyway xD so I'm over the silly crush but I'll still support them :3
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maybe its not GD that doesnt want to say anything, it may be Kiko's decision..
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they have had an on anf off relationships
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