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first kpop biases
who were your first kpop biases? when did y'all start liking kpop? :-) my first biases were actually SS501's Park JungMin, and Big Bang's G-Dragon (and kind of Taeyang) back in 2008! comment below when/how you got into kpop and who your first bias(es) were!! i'm curious~
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I got into kpop back in 2007 when a Chinese friend I met at university showed me super junior's. My first ever bias was Kyuhyun of Super Junior...Naturally;) but once I started choosing my own groups I was hooked on Wooyoung of 2PM and Junhyung of B2ST...during their reality shows before debut^^
I started liking kpop in August of 2013. It started when my friend went to a convention. One of the booths were playing Kim Hyun Joong's Unbreakable which had just come out. She then started watching Playful Kiss and it all went downhill from there. :-D I don't consider him my first bias cause I only really liked 2 of his songs and the drama. SHINee is who dragged me into this amazing world that is Kpop. Taemin was my bias then although Jonghyun is my bias now. :-D And then Big Bang was next with Fantastic Baby. And G-Dragon stole my heart.