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It seemed so unreal even though there was an official confirmation, but theWonder Girls are really coming back! Their appearance on the popular K-pop idol show “Weekly Idol” is making seem a bit more real. “Weekly Idol,” hosted by Jung Hyung Don and Defcon, announced through its official Twitter account today: “OMG!! For their comeback, Wonder Girls have decided to visit us here on the third floor basement!! If you have  any questions or messages for Wonder Girls, please call #WeeklyIdol #WonderGirls #CallCenter From 7/21 11 a.m. ~ 7/22 11 a.m. No. 02)2068-1601.” Source: Soompi omg i can't wait! the wonder girls are so amazing/legendary♡♡ do y'all like wonder girls? who are your biases? mine was sohee but i love them all!!~
I miss them!
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@zaria36915 same here! i'm glad they're having a comeback but i wish it was all of them together :-(
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