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Hey fellow Armys! As you all know, there's been some hate going around following Namjoon's controversial statement and we'd like to give our opinion and perspective on the topic. Admin A and I both believe that Rap Monster simply meant it as a joke when he said they were black and that he didn't even mean it in a racial way. I really hate how everything seems to circulated around racial issues nowadays because it seems that the issues wouldn't be as big if people didn't make such a big deal out of it. Does that make sense? My friends joke around all the time that I'm dark, and it's true because I'm a swimmer! EXO teased Kai all the time because he's the darkest, netizens tease Hyolyn from Sistar for being so tan, but why can't Rap Monster tease his own bandmates? Why is this such a big thing? Just because he directly translated the Korean meaning to English and said that they were black?! I don't understand the big fuss and frankly I find that everyone hating on Rap Monster should stop and think about it before making a bigger mess out of things. They've ruined the U.S. leg of TRB for BTS already and I don't want this to just be about BTS. I think people should think about what they post before they actually do so because sometimes idols actually see it. They are human too and how would you feel to be criticized over and over for one simple language mistake? I really hope things like this won't happen again and I hope all Armys that are able to attend the other US tours will make it up to the boys and cheer them up a bit because who knows when they'll be back. We all love them so much so legs show the love ~Admins C and A^ Creds to original owner