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how can they honestly do this!! this is wrong!! what did he do to you to get treated like this!!
Not my article so not going to yake cradit. But thought id share it. its horrible and u guys should know unless u already do. website link down here for original txt
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@ahjeje5835 haha I wish that would be funny but even so it's still scary rite now, who knows wat they would do. @chongx ur rite bout that no matter where u are there's always that one person who ruins things. I just really hope this stops even if he did mess up he don't deserve this. no does. how would they feel if they were in this situation. I would love to ask them
i wish this had never happened....bts is an amazimg group. heck, VIXX makes jokes about n being dark all the time and they dont get threatened. people are just over reacting on a joke.
@IzzyPerkins rite?? I feel like no only the media somtimes but other ppl they just want to ruin lives of those who others adore
I was at the nyc concert and a lot of disappointing things happened.... but I am still glad that I got to see them and that they are safe!
@GoldenV I really hope they are