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I rescued this sweet heart in Redding, Ca in a box:-( so thankful we just happened to stop at that gas station that night! She was so very small, to small to be on her own!
This is her 2 months later! She is such a sweet tortie! I named her Munchkin! She gives smashes her head into me for kiss everytime I pick her up!
I found this lil guy eating from a mans beef sandwich out side of a fast food joint/gas station in Winters, Ca! He is the sweetest thing ever! Again to small to be out on his own! Thankfully I had a can of Munchkins food to lure him in with! He was covered in fleas poor thing!
Here he is 3 weeks later! Flea free too! Got a good check up with vet! Just has some meds to take for 7 days to help his tummy!:-) He LOVES water so the only name that seemed right was... Bobby Bushay!
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adorable glad u saved them :-)