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A: Kai
B: Top
C: Minho
E: Lee Min Ki
F: Lee Min Ho
F. Lee Minho♡♡♡ I loved him in boys over flowers, but after seeing him in personal taste... I fell soooo hard. I am in love with this scene---> ♡♡♡♡♡
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lee Minho hands down first Korean guy I thought was the best! that was before I really got into kpop now I have a lot that I just love!
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@mandapanda723 have you seen faith aka the good doctor Omg that drama was amazing and that was like the 3rd drama I watched with him. first was personal taste then heirs then faith. I believe I've watched all of the ones with him in it now
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They all look sexy.. but my fav. is lee minho
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