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Im So Excited
so today is finally the day wooooo
i woke up everyone in my house.....i risked my life but eyh im not missing it
@StarBabes and i are really excited to go already we jumping over the place ahhhh hahahah
hehehe im happy :) do you feel it :o
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where are u going. to bts concert??
2 years ago·Reply
@veselovskayavic yeah hehe finally
2 years ago·Reply
I wish I could go
2 years ago·Reply
Have fun at the concert! Btw love the Jin gif :D
2 years ago·Reply
@B1A4BTS5ever omg lucky. Gosh for some reason I have a habit to telling ppl to say hi for me when I know they r going to see someone I know and can't go. can't really tell u that cuz they don't even know me. wish they did haha hope u enjoy it. oh and take pics and post here so we can see plz!!!
2 years ago·Reply