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*here's vietnamese recap http://www.vingle.net/posts/95025 and indonesian recap. http://www.vingle.net/posts/95245 Guys~ I have a short traveling to India for a month, so minky2002 gonna help me for a while! She gonna recap using my ID, so keep following me ;) In the meanwhile, the door is opened and SY comes out. SY sees TJ’s wife is lying. SY tries to wake her up but she’s dead already. Then she sees a video from HJ. He says ‘SY, now u’re a murder. Policers would believe u killed SD, SC and TJ’s wife.‘ SY gets shocked. At that time, JW calls her. “I know u didn’t kill. Come out from there right now. He hugs SY and policers comes to catch SY. They wanna bring her to police office but JW doesn’t allow it. Let's start >,< JW: i'm sorry...please let us release..please if you wanna catch us, give me exact evidence..please .. JW holds her hands tightly. After they run away, JW put his gun in the lock. JW calls to his friend and then he let him know that there is a scret room in HJ's house but it is already cleaned. He also tells that the gun is in the lock in the Seoul terminal and protect the can well that is only evidence that HJ doesn't know. In the secret room, there is HJ who is drunken much... HJ is inspected by the police man. The team leader of police : Why didn't you reveal your secret room? HJ: What? It is my secret room that saved a lot of customer information. Do I have to reveal it? JH performed like a Hollywood actor. he acts like that he is really concerned about JOY... So the policemen decided to have a three party encounter. Yoon team leader: Joy, Lee soo yeon makes me kill them.. but it is little suspicious..because they tells that they don't know each other well just business partner. But the behavior that Yoon follows HJ's act like drinking water shows that respect of HJ so it means they are close relationship. In the bus.. SY cries because she thinks that she makes him like this...she makes him in danger. EJ meets AR who brings something to her. (I think it is related HTJ.) AR reminds her that be careful. At hospital, HTJ doesn't care much about his wife... Therefore AR gets angry about it. At the vault, there is a note that wait for a moment, i will pay back. HTJ recalls the episode with HJ. HJ arranges his items with JOY... JW and SY run away to JW's friend's home JM. They enjoy their own time. SY: I have a question JW..when you knew about me who is a daughter of murder, how was it? JW: Actually at first i was afraid..but.. and SY tells about everything, your father HTJ, he made Kangtaejoon who was a rapist tell that SY died at that time. And HJ killed him..even michel kim..and HTJ made HJ's leg like that. He doesn't believe anything. When he heard about it, he is really shocked. In the house, SY's mother is with HJ's mother. She shows his elbum to her. SYM: He is my son, my son HJW. At that time, HJ's mother has a seizure At the villa, he laments .. JW: Why do you live even this bagged situation..? SY: Because of you..anyway we meet.. Before..i was a daughter of the murder...and now...people think i am a murder...i can't forgvie HJ but...i am in low spirits. SY says that at that time,, they did things because of money..for now HJ's purpose is just revenge... In the car, HTJ meets HJ... HTJ : Give me my money. HJ: Yes, i don't wanna money. HTJ: Then what do you wnat? HJ: I want HJW...make him like me...I mean not leg.. just take him off the previous thing, SY. HJW catches fish...just little fish.. The uncle is pleased and he takes a picture them. HJW wants to prepare the meal for SY with his fish. He calls to SY's mom and then asks the recipe about the fish. They recall their experience.. SY is pleased about her imagine... like my father brings the chicken for us but my mother is little angry because it is too late but at that time, her father hands her the pay envelop. then.her mother says..oh you're best !! things like that.... she wants this harmony family.. JW: Then you have to live with me..i will live like that. JW talks himself..:I love ..more..than you..let's love..more.. At the hospital HTJ talks MR that do as you're told. If you don't, HJ will come here again. JW's friend comes to meet JW. JW's friend, JM : There is any evidence that HJ kills people. we have to catch it. JW: Then what about my step mother? take care of her. if it is difficult, then reveal the relation between HJ and his mother. At the market, HJ brings his necklace back to his mother. HJ: Now I don't need anything... While they are drinking, JW sings a song.. like there is a hen in the chicken coop, cock-a-doodle-doo KKKK cute cute melody. >.< SY says about HJ.. SY: i know he did crime..but I can understand him.. he was my family...for 14 years..i didn't notice his crime even.. like your sister and your mother...he was my family.. At they time, the cell phone is ringing. JM: hey jw..your step mother...states that SY forces her take medicine...i can't prevent it anymore..please come here hurry up... SY heard all the thing..they decided to go there. They look each other...he covers up for her scar.. and then JW: What will you do at the day of the first snow? SY: ..I will meet you.. JW: Okay then don't make any other plan. In front of the house, HJ waits for them...because HTJ let him know their place. HJ: Only I can help her.. the person that can save her is only me. SY: Joon...what did you do that.....this hand that saves me...how could you kill people...? He shakes off her hand. JW: Go away then, SY goes to the police having your crime. Actually you missed so many chances that SY gave...because of hate of my father.finally..you give up her... Run away..and then if I catch you again, then...i will never forgive you ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish : ) Hi guys ~ I'm really nice to meet you ..if I have some mistakes..please understand me >,~ I will do my best !
I don't like end of it ...Why does Harry have to be? :'(
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