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There have been a few posts lately about Sungkyunkwan Scandal. So I went a head and watched a few episodes since I have it on DVD. Yoo Ah In looks soo handsome to me. He is somewhere around 5'11, but his slender frame makes his look a whole lot taller. Well, at least to me it does. If you haven't seen all of his work, then your missing out. Punch, Secret Love Affair, Fashion King, ect...You have to check them out. Then you'll fall in love with his amazing smile and charisma just like me. My favorite so far is Secret Love Affair, because it was different then the normal plot of kdramas. Great actors as well. What's your favorite Ah In drama?
He played a scruffy role in sungkyunkwan scandal, but Ah In cleans up very well. Wouldn't you say so?
I love lips, how about you?
The killer smile :D
@poojas have you seen his other movies and dramas?
Loved him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Secret Love Affair :D Great actor!