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This electrical box is less than five minutes away from my house. The exact number/lettering on the box is 246D1, however I see it as 24601. 24601 is JeanVal Jean's prison number from the much beloved musical Les Miserables. Oddly enough I discovered this box on the way to dress rehearsal for I production of Les Miserables that I was in last May! I thought this was the coolest thing and every time I go by it I can't help but utter: "Do not forget me... 24601..."
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It really is @nicolejb ! Right now I'm in a Godspell with a CRAZY director but it's good to work with different people lol
Hahaha uh oh. good creative crazy or bad controlling crazy @luvbroadway?
It's kind of a mix of both lol @nicolejb @luvbroadway
Well good luck to you :)
@nicolejb Thank you!