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As some ARMYs may already know there was so much support on Twitter yesterday. Plans for a 90 degree bow were made for the Dallas ARMY to make when BTS arrived at the airport in Dallas Texas for TRBinDALLAS. Although there was much anxiety, hyperventilation and misunderstandings (a joke about doing the Nae Nae instead of the bow caused many people to reconsider their life choices), the best part of it all was seeing all the international ARMY fans re-uniting to support Dallas ARMY and to keep on supporting the Bow plan at the concert today. There were so many funny comments I had to share somewhere, especially when BTS ended up leaving early (as I heard before going to sleep) but the support for the Bow plan in the concert is still going on Twitter with #TRBinDALLAS.
ARMY definitely brought the family together again and even made the #TRBinDALLAS a top trend in various places including Houston and the Phillipines. Glad to know our support is still going strong. Thank you to the Dallas ARMY for being patient and willing to welcome our BTS nicely and respectfully.
Have fun at the concert today!! Fangirl and Fanboy to the max. Credits to all tweets and photos.