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From what Ive seen on instagram I believe T.O.P likes art. He really does inspires me to go to a museum and take pictures of unusual things.
T.O.P really does like art. If you watched his Doom Dada M/V, a lot of what was in the video were references to old movies. I really like T.O.P because of this, it makes him unique and different amongst the other members.
I just started following TOP but I love what he posts, his photos are so interesting!
@IlseJimenez I'm pretty new as well but as long as you put it in TOP Big Bang community and not the K Pop you should be good. Or at least that's what I got from the new rules for K Pop community.
@loftonc16 I would but I feel like my profile might be deleted or spam. Does that happeneds? Im new to this?
@IlseJimenez I think I might have. Not sure he puts up quite a bit at a time so might have missed it.
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