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Have yall seen this?
What are your thoughts on this? I understand why people would be upset with his father, his father committed a terrible crime and should be held responsible. HOWEVER, as a parent, I feel that you should NEVER punish a child for his/her parents crimes and mistakes. He had nothing to do with what his father had done. If you want to hold him accountable to something, hold him accountable to the things HE does and says. Not the things other people do and say.
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@JonesyonMars, exactly!! You can't hold a person accountable for another person's crime, it doesn't make any sense. His choice in words about other companies not having money and whatnot aren't the best, but he's certainly not the first or only idol to say things like that (and he definitely wont be the last). He didn't have a hand in what his father did, it's unfair to punish him for it.
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I will admit, the dissing other companies thing and ignoring people without money thing are making it a bit worse for him, but I do agree that he has nothing to do with his father's fraud. He's been training his ass off to debut and there's no way he could've known until it was all over the media. I'm sure he's greatly disappointed in his father, but he shouldn't receive the hate. And the person saying they'll insult him every day is just fucking ridiculous. Why would you do that? Are you a victim? No? Stfu. Yes? Sorry, and I hope things work out but it is nowhere near being his fault. I don't understand how this makes sense "...if his dad is going to still commit crimes despite his son being a celebrity, then the son deserves the scorn." HOW?!?! I don't understand how these people's brains work, if they work at all.
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that's ludicrous. he's not his father 馃槨
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@RhiannonHamrick, exactly! He should be held accountable for his own actions ONLY. I bet finding out about his father was a huge blow; how would it feel to know your own father was committing such a terrible crime and hurting so many other families in the process? I feel really bad for him, not only because of how he's being treated by others but also because he had to find out such horrible news about his own father.
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@chelynelli94, Right, that's exactly how I feel.
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