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You understand me
I'll talk to any stranger if I see we're part of the same fandom. I was in a starbucks in Dallas a while back (I live 4 hours away, was there on a small trip) and some guy (Asian guy, might I add) walked in with a Doctor Who scarf and whatnot and I couldn't help but talk to him. My sister and mom stood there like.. Ohmigawd we don't know her. Hahahahahaha
@ErinGregory You're awesome! OMG.... I can't even with this because one of my Kpop pals came from Cali to visit family and I've been meaning to go hang out with her and I told my ma the other day and she thinks I'm a lesbian now....it's great.
@Emealia, bahahahaha I don't get out much either. I'm not a fan of interacting with others. xD
@ErinGregory I'm the same when I actually get out of the house
@PassTheSuga, hahahahahaha that's hilarious xD When you do meet her, you should send your mom a photo of yall two together xD
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