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I am sorta slow but I keep seeing phone challenge cards everywhere. From the pics of seen i'm guessing you're supposed to show your kpop related stuff from your phone? I'd love for someone to explain the challenge. It peaked my interest but for now i'll try to see if I got the idea. Btw, this is from my ipod not phone. Dont have a phone. So I think it still counts...
This is my lock screen photo of BTS TRBinNYC from the concert. My inside screen is Exo group photo and my camera roll is literally all BTS right now because of the concert. Lol.
I saw some people post music collections and youtube history so hey, why not. Anyway, I dont know if I did the challenge correctly but this is what I got from others so far. Am I missing anything? Also, what exactly is the challenge for? Anyway, its a cute idea.