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we are Teenager not a Therapist. Gosshhh.. MATH i'm tired of Solve your fu***. PROBLEMS.. forrealss
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ahhh i did so am i suppose to get followers for pts?
well i dn't even know, but u Vingle is. a little weird. @PaulineSet
it's okay then thanks anywayโค
yeah exactly my feeling about math :D tho i think i was just blankly staring aลฅ the problems and then hitting my head against table :D
now that i think about it math and physics were like top hated subjects... especially when i tried to explain something and my teacher would look at me and say " now explain it more physically. please " :D and i just stood there and blinked at him and didnt know if i should cry or laugh like crazy :D please note that i mean physically in terms of physics not in some other way :D really shy is english like that sometimes :D