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The moment you realize GD can't do everything...
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lol On this episode of Running Man GD couldn't jump rope. He is such a charmer throughout the episode. Have you guys watched it? I'm rewatching it..
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I about died when I saw this. It was just such a random thing to be so bad at. And consistently so.
Haha ikr?! lol you can sing, dance, compose a song in 2 minutes, but you cant jump rope? @NoelleKimberly
And it wasn't even like he was tripping on the rope. He just kept falling on his butt. I have never seen that. Then again, I have also never seen someone try to jump rope on water before either.
Lol, poor G-Dragon but I understand him. In P.E. I got timed on the number of time I jumped, I sucked. While my classmates were easily jumping. My best friend and I were laughing at how much we sucked at something we thought was easy. 馃槀