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Like, can we give a moment and self reflect on this song?Cause I've been doing some and it was pretty deep.
If you look at the lyrics for the song, in my opinion, you can clearly see that this song can be interpreted as many things. I for one Interpreted the song as one of growing up and its adventure.
I don't know about you but trying to stay a child at heart is very difficult in our modern age. With all of the Media outlets we have, staying a child is getting harder and harder. With all of the images we are bombarded with everyday, things like (war, sex, and crime) its hard for a kid to just stay a kid.
I for one am at that age where i have to think of the future but i also want to stay a child. I always get so depressed whenever i think of my future. I think of taxes, bills, a career, relationships, and then by the end of that thought train tears begin to well up in my eyes. All that responsibility is just too much for me, and if i can't deal with it now. How am i supposed to deal with it later?
I feel this song really relates to my feelings. Before i even looked up the English lyrics, i just listened to the song. From my perspective the feelings i got were one of longing. Longing to go back to childhood where everything was easier, but also something else. That something was Reflection. This song, in my opinion, is one of those songs that you can just listen to and look over your life. All of the breakups, and the happiness, and the hardships, they all can be revisited int this song. I suggest you listen too this song an reflect on your life, the good, the bad, Everything. You never know it may help you leave behind that emotional baggage of yours. OH Btw LIKE AND COMMENT IF YOU WANT MORE. THIS GIRL NEEDS MOTIVATION T-T LOL
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totally agree with you I've long lived my life of adulthood had kids all that and it is hard to remember to stay young and light hearted at crucial times but trust it helps listening to songs like these. Big Bang is brilliant!