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I have a very stressful life for a 17 year old and I struggle with depression and anxiety and sometimes suicidal thoughts (so many problems) so for me Kpop is a honest escape for me. It gives me something to look at through rose colored glasses and feel like life can be happy and care free. Kpop gives me hopes and dreams I never had before. It's a distraction from all my fears and bad feelings I struggle with. It makes me feel less empty inside because it gives me sense of joy and friendship with people all over the world. So I chose pictures of K-idols I love smiling to show how Kpop makes me feel inside. Thank you Kpop and friends on Vingle ♡
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@RichelleDiamond I soo understand you. I've been having a lot of depression and often have anxiety attacks...K-Pop is also my only escape of my thoughts and problems...Just know that I'm here whenever. Message me when you need someone. I'm always here, okay? *hugs*