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Before you all start making comments about how this is not true, lets face the fact that we all had something we liked to do prior to kpop. I used to read, A LOT. I am not saying KPOP is bad or that it has ruined my life, because it hasn't. Though the perks of KPOP include good looking men, I am seriously into the cultural aspect of KPOP and Kdramas. In fact, I am studying to be a teacher so I can eventually teach abroad, and yes, South Korea is one of the places listed on this list. KPOP and Kdramas have taught me a little about what to expect once I step foot on Korean soil. So when I see memes like the one above, I can appreciate it's joke. Don't be offended because I am not saying KPOP ruins us, and appreciate the joke.
Now to lighten the mood. I saw this gif and noticed that GD gave us and invitation motion with his hand. I was immediately like, YES! I shall go to you, babe. I mean, who wouldn't? Now imgine GD is KPOP and it receives us with open arms. Of course we will embrace it back.
I joined kpop with the introduction of Haru Haru/Big Bang so, this relates to me more than it may to some they have definitely "ruined" (more like made it way more awesome) my life
@fabiolagavina omg that MV just. amazing.
@tayunnie Haru Haru is one of their best songs! The video is amazing as well, so I totally understand ♡♡♡