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From her personality to her fashion.. This talented young lady is beyond beautiful. CL leader of Korean girl group 2ne1 under one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea (YG ENTERTAINMENT) she is currently working on her US debut. Let show CL some support! Have you guys heard her Dr. Pepper song??
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rofl! My grandma is in Tuscan hahaha. she's in a nursing home there. wow that's awesome. and yea idk people here are insane but out of the area is pretty ok. I'm just tired of the insanity that's what makes me mad. my Durango neighbor keeps saying my son is possessed. it's so annoying. He's 3 there's a difference haha.
Oh wow haha what a coincidence! of all the places in AZ haha well anyone would get mad.. why would she even say that? ? seems she's the possessed one. wow.
ahaha, he so acts like it but it's whatever. can't let people like that think you believe them or that's when things get weird and lol yea she moved there a long time ago with a friend of hers when I was 14 and I'm 23 now. it will be 10 years in December. I miss her so much. I haven't seen her since.
@DeadlyCyanide you should come some day and visit your grandma... It's been way too long haha
@CynthiaGarcia93 I really wish I could but I hardly make even during the month. when my husband gets a raise that would prob be the only time I could