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Like Seriously!
So if you didn't know princess tutu is a magical girl/ fantasy/ ballet anime. It went under the anime radar for a while until Funamation english dubbed it. I personally have watched both the subbed and dubbed versions and i came to one solid conclusion. Ahiru/Duck get no credit! Like Damn.
SPOILERS she doesn't get her prince. Rue does. Im not trying to say Fakir is insufficient but wasn't the whole reason she became a girl was to restore and love the prince? Like c'mon. I won't spoil too much but in the end she goes back to being a duck and does not get the guy.
Yes I understand that Rue had her hardships, but i think being stuck as a duck forever and seeing the one you love go off with another is 1000 times worse.
And Mytho don't even get me started. Boy you so useless. Your a friggin shell in the beginning and you get kidnapped all the time. Everybody is trying to save your ass but you just walk into trouble. You start to love TuTu after she gives you the emotion of love back to you, but then your corrupted by ravens blood. And in the end you go with the girl who all "boohoo my life stinks, I've only been cared by the rave my whole life and given magical powers, but you know what i want more" . Like c'mon Mytho do you wanna be with Bella Swan wannabe or Kind hearted Duck.
yup, definitely! @poojas
Damn, that is messed up. Are you a 2NE1 fan @LadyGizibe?
Yeah i pretty much also lived through all of these feelings while watching it too XD so ridic!!!