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K-pop Art
Wow this is truly amazing... hahaha I keep thinking BANG BANG BANG on this haha
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@CynthiaGarcia93 I found it on Redbubble.... I dunno if it's the original artist but it's something!
Here it is! http://www.redbubble.com/people/nchaos/works/14959470-big-bang-made-album?grid_pos=14&p=t-shirt
@shannonl5 That's cool! ...He or she might be the artist. I'd give him/she credit but since we're not sure I'll just say I found it on Google haha
@CynthiaGarcia93 makes sense! When I did the reverse image search on google so many results came up it might be impossible to tell. If I find out I'll leave it in the comments :D
@shannonl5 That'd be great! thanks.. and good luck. I'll try and find the owner as well : )