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On Infinity Challenge, when Kwanghee texted Taeyang a long message he responded back with a long reply. However when Kwanghee texted G-Dragon a lengthy message all he got was a peace sign! G-Dragon explained thats just how he is! Kwanghee responded with if G-Dragon doesn't respond to his call later he would be sad. G-Dragon fired back saying he might be busy. What do you think of this cute banter between G-Dragon and Kwanghee?
I'm like GD, I like short messages and responses because I like to get to the point
lol -- I don't think it is as cute, more like GD is trying to keep the relationship to a minimum .. haha or maybe he's just like that, keeps his responses short & simple
that would annoy me too.
gd is the perfect leader who always get to the main point.
I wonder if GD gets annoyed by Kwanghee. Lol