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I seriously had this conversation a few hours ago. Ever have a moment when you had to explain Kpop and someone just didn't get it?
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Omg @PassTheSuga I had the same issue with my mom years ago when I got into Jrock. But she assumed all Asians were Chinese... *sigh*
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hahahahaha @SkullBunneh First they were all Chinese to my ma too! But after I gave her a Kpop crash course, when we see an Asian anywhere....she points them out as Korean "Look a Korean!" ....and all I can do is say "Mhmm Ma....I see." and smh and mutter "I'm so sorry" as we walk by....My mother's old school and kinda country. She doesn't mean to be offensive....ppl think she's cute Lol.
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I had to explain it to my whole 11th grade class for a music class project
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I get tired of explaining, but alot of people think it's spanish for some reason
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me to.they didnt get it at i played some of my selection in kpop so they can listen.omg they started to hum the tune even when its not playing.
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